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The best products from the first – level companies will deliver to their customers all over the world, including the following

MRI Injector

Syringe Capacity 65 ml and 115 ml

Flowrate  0.01 to 10 ml/s


Angiography Injector

Syringe Capacity 150ml

Flowrate 0.1 to 45.0

CT Injector

Syringe Capacity 190ml

Flowrate 0.1 to 10


Ability to rotate the belt 360 degrees

Suitable for linear and rotational exercises


Power adjustment from 25 to 400 watts

Bearing weight up to 150 kg

Recombinant bicycle

Adjust power setting from 15 to 600 watts

Bearing weight up to 200 kg

Echo stress bed

Power setting from 15 to 600 watts

Bearing weight up to 200 kg


Speed adjustment from 0.2 to 25 km / h

Adjust the screen tilt from 5- to 20 degrees

Bearing weight up to 200 kg

Stationary bike

Ability to reduce power to reduce applied pressure.

Ability to adjust power from 15 to 1100 watts.

Pharmaceutical Stents

Stent Material: Cobalt Chromium L605

Strut Thickness: 0.065mm or 0.0026inch

Mean Recoil <3.2%

Drug: Sirolimus

Nominal Pressure: 9 ATM

Rate Burst Pressure: 16 ATM

Shaft Outer Diameter: Proximal 1.95F/ Distal 2.7F

Guide Catheter: 5F(Min I.D 0.056inhc/ 1.42mm)

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